Skyworks Solutions Inc. Si5351 Programmable Clock Generators

Skyworks Solutions Inc. Si5351 Programmable Clock Generators can be customized to generate up to eight independent non-integer-related frequencies. These clock ICs have eight CMOS clock outputs offered in a space-saving 4mmx4mm 20-QFN and 24-QSOP package or three clock outputs offered in a 10-MSOP package. Each output has an independent MultiSynth™ fractional divider that accepts a high-frequency reference from one of the devices' internal PLLs and accurately divides down the clock to generate unique, non-integer-related frequencies from 8kHz to 133MHz. Any combination of output frequencies can be generated by the device. All clocks are generated with 0ppm frequency synthesis error, enabling the replacement of XOs and PLL-based clocks while simplifying design and minimizing cost. As an added feature, the Si5351 features an integrated VCXO, which eliminates the need for pullable crystals.


  • Generates up to 8 non-integer frequencies from 8kHz to 133MHz
  • I2C user-definable configuration
  • Exact frequency synthesis at each output (0ppm error)
  • Highly linear VCXO
  • Optional clock input (CLKIN)
  • 100ps pp low output period jitter 
  • Configurable spread spectrum selectable at each output
  • Operates from a low-cost, fixed frequency crystal (25 or 27MHz)
  • Glitchless frequency changes
  • Separate voltage supply pins
    • 2.5V or 3.3V core VDD
    • 2.5V or 3.3V output VDDO
  • Excellent PSRR eliminates external power supply filtering
  • Very low power consumption
  • Adjustable output-output delay
  • Available in 3 packages types
    • 10-MSOP - 3 outputs
    • 24-QSOP - 8 outputs
    • 20-QFN - 8 outputs


  • HDTV, DVD/Blu-ray, set-top box
  • Audio/video equipment, gaming
  • Printers, scanners, projectors
  • Residential gateways
  • Networking/communication
  • Servers, storage

Functional Block Diagrams

Block Diagram - Skyworks Solutions Inc. Si5351 Programmable Clock Generators
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