Melexis MLX90366 Triaxis® Position Sensors

Melexis MLX90366 Triaxis® Position Sensors are Hall technology high accuracy linear and angular position sensors that eliminate the need for the inclusion of a PCB within sensing modules. These sensors are sensitive to the three components of the flux density applied to the IC. The series provides SENT frames encoded according to the secure sensor format. Other features include SENT output (according to SAE J2716-2010) and on-chip signal processing for robust absolute position sensing. Applications for Melexis MLX90366 Triaxis Position Sensors include absolute rotary position sensors, steering wheel position sensors, non-contacting potentiometers, and much more.


  • Triaxis Hall technology
  • Simple magnetic design
  • Programmable measurement range
  • Programmable linear transfer characteristic (multipoint, piece-wise-linear)
  • SENT output (according to SAE J2716-2010)
  • 12-bit resolution and 10-bit thermal accuracy
  • 48-bit ID number option
  • Output thermal offset correction
  • Automotive temperature range
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Overvoltage protection and undervoltage detection
  • Reliable NoPCB module integration
  • DMP-4 RoHS compliant
  • AEC-Q100 qualified


  • -40°C to +150°C storage temperature
  • ±1T magnetic flux density
  • 5.5V maximum nominal supply voltage (VDD)
  • 10mA maximum supply current (Idd)
  • 20mA maximum Isurge current


  • Absolute rotary position sensors
  • Absolute linear position sensors
  • Pedal position sensors
  • Steering wheel position sensors
  • Throttle position sensors
  • Float-level sensors
  • Ride height position sensors
  • Non-contacting potentiometers

Functional Diagram

Melexis MLX90366 Triaxis® Position Sensors
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2017-08-22 | Aktualisiert: 2022-05-10