MaxLinear Ethernet Switches

MaxLinear Ethernet Switches are highly integrated solutions that provide the connectivity required for bandwidth-hungry video streaming, gaming, and video conferencing. The 1Gb Ethernet Switches offer Smart LED brightness control integrated for power saving in a small footprint.

The GSW120, GSW140, and GSW141 devices are feature integrated, non-blocking four-port (GSW120) or six-port (GSW140 and GSW141) Gigabit Ethernet QoS switches with two (GSW120) or four (GSW140 and GSW141) Ethernet PHY, one 1G RGMII, one 2.5G SGMII+ (GSW120 and GSW140) or one 1G SGMII (GSW141), and one management port.

The MaxLinear Ethernet Switches are ideal for next-generation routers, switches, and gateways.


  • Home gateways
  • Standalone switches plus 2.5G uplink

GSW140 Block Diagram

Block Diagram - MaxLinear Ethernet Switches

GSW150 Block Diagram

Block Diagram - MaxLinear Ethernet Switches
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