Laird Connectivity Sentrius RG1xx LoRa-Enabled Gateways

Laird Connectivity Sentrius™ RG1xx LoRa-Enabled Gateways offer a secure, scalable,  and robust solution for end-to-end control of private LoRaWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) networks. The RG1xx gateways come with WB50NBT wireless bridge m and offer enterprise dual-band Wi-Fi®, BLUETOOTH® v4.0 (BLE and Classic), and wired Ethernet for design flexibility.

These RG1xx Gateways are based on Semtech SX1301/SX1257 chipset designs and offer LoRa range up to 10 miles and pre-loaded LoRa Packet Forwarder software. The software is perfect for highly scalable and flexible Internet of Things (IoT) networks. The Sentrius RG1xx Gateways work with RM1xx Series LoRa+BLE certified modules for simple integration and compatible with 3rd party cloud, LoRa partners, and LoRaWAN certified client devices.

Sensor variants supporting LoRaWAN regions AU915-928 and a growing number of countries in the AS923 region are now available at Mouser.


  • Full Linux operating system
    • Kernel v4.x running on Atmel-A5 Core @ 536MHz
  • Multiple interfaces
    • LoRaWAN - 863MHz to 870MHz (EU) and 902MHz to 928MHz (US)
    • Wi-Fi - 802.11a/b/g/n, 2.4Ghz and 5GHz
    • BLUETOOTH v4.0
    • Ethernet
  • 8-Channel LoRaWAN support with up to +27dBM max transmit power
  • Comprehensive security and reliability:
    • Robust multi-layer security at each interface to safeguard your network at every level
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Platform for building actionable IoT intelligence
    • Route sensor data to the Cloud with integrated LoRa Packet Forwarder software for simple application deployment
  • Comprehensive Certifications and Approvals for FCC/IC (RG191), (RG186), ASNZS, and NCC
  • -30°C to +70°C temperature range
  • Advanced deployment tools
    • Intuitive web-based configuration
    • Integrated d presets for multiple external LoRA Network Server vendors
  • Default settings for multiple LoRaWAN Network Server vendors 
  • Industry-leading support

Sentrius™ Overview

Chart - Laird Connectivity Sentrius RG1xx LoRa-Enabled Gateways


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