Alps Alpine SKPS Surface-Mount TACT Switches™

Alps Alpine SKPS Surface-Mount TACT Switches™ offer a high operating force and long life, making them ideal for automotive applications. The switches feature a compact design of 5.9mm x 6.0mm x 5.0mm, a high operating force of 3.0N or 3.6N, and a short travel of 1.05mm. Alps Alpine SKPS Surface-Mount TACT Switches withstand harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures and vibrations while meeting the demand for quiet operation. Applications include vehicle audio/visual and navigation systems, steering wheels, and air conditioning controls.


  • 3.0N, 3.3N 3.6N operating force ideal for automotive equipment requirements
  • 300,000 cycles operating life
  • Middle stroke (1.05mm)
  • Top push direction
  • 100 mΩ initial contact resistance
  • 1VDC minimum voltage
  • 10μA minimum current
  • 16VDC maximum voltage
  • 50mA maximum current


  • Vehicle audio/visual and navigation systems
  • Steering wheels and other automotive equipment
  • Industrial equipment and measuring instruments
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2017-03-23 | Aktualisiert: 2022-05-09