Alpha Wire Micro Coaxial Cables

Alpha Wire Micro Coaxial Cables provide a vast array of signal transmission options, especially for applications with limited space for cable routing. Micro-Coax is available in a full range of standard sizes from 50AWG to 32AWG. These cables use high-strength silver-plated or tinned-copper alloys rated up to +200°C. The PFA dielectric and jacket offer stable properties for signal integrity, low capacitance, and consistent controlled impedance. Alpha’s micro coaxial cables save space and make routing easier in applications such as medical probes, endoscopy systems, oximetry systems, industrial inspection, and more.


  • 50Ω characteristic impedance
  • Exceedingly small and lightweight
  • 50AWG to 32AWG conductor range
  • Stranded conductors for increased flexibility
  • 30Vrms voltage rating
  • 90% shield coverage for excellent EMI protection and electrical characteristics
  • Up to +200°C temperature range


  • Operating Temperature
    • -70°C to +200°C (Silver-plated copper alloy)
    • -70°C to +150°C (Tinned copper alloy)
  • Characteristic Impedance: 50Ω
  • Voltage Rating: 30Vrms
  • Bend Radius: 10x cable diameter
  • Materials
    • Silver-plated or tinned copper alloy center conductor
    • PFA dielectric
    • White PFA jacket
  • Shielding
    • Silver-plated or tinned copper alloy braid or spiral shield, 90% coverage minimum
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2016-06-02 | Aktualisiert: 2022-03-11