Advanced Energy UltiMod Power Supplies

Advanced Energy UltiMod Power Supplies offer either 4 or 6 slots, up to 91% efficiency, and an 85VAC to 264VAC input voltage range. The UX4 delivers up to 600W and provides up to 4 powerMods, while the UX6 delivers up to 1200W and is populated with up to 5 powerMods. The UltiMod series combines technical excellence with logistics simplicity to exceed the most demanding requirements from any industry. Advanced Energy UltiMod Power Supplies are ideal for radiological imaging, industrial machines, and test and measurement applications.


  • User and field configurable
  • Low acoustic noise
  • No minimum load
  • All outputs fully floating
  • Series/parallel of multiple outputs
  • Active PFC (power factor correction)


  • Up to 91% efficiency
  • <300µA leakage current
  • 4KV isolation
  • -40°C startup temperature
  • <1U profile height
  • 5V isolated standby voltage
  • 4 or 6 slots available
  • 85VAC to 264VAC input voltage range


  • Industrial
    • Test and measurement
    • Industrial machines
    • Automation and audio equipment
    • Printing
    • Telecommunications
  • Medical
    • Clinical diagnostic and dialysis equipment
    • Medical lasers
    • Radiological imaging
    • Clinical chemistry
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2019-12-20 | Aktualisiert: 2023-03-23