Adafruit 13.56MHz RFID/NFC Bracelet

Adafruit 13.56MHz RFID/NFC Bracelet is a blank radio-frequency identification tag, based on the NXP Semiconductors NTAG203 NFC Forum Type 2 compliant IC. RFID uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tag contains the RFID chip and an antenna which is passively powered by the reader/writer when placed a couple of inches away. The RFID/NFC Bracelet can be read by any 13.56MHz RFID/NFC reader using the ISO/IEC 14443 Type-A standard.

The NTAG203 IC in the RFID/NFC Sticker features 144-bytes of read/write memory in writable EEPROM divided into 4-byte banks, and can handle over 10,000 re-writes. The Adafruit PN532 NFC/RFID Breakout Board or PN532 NFC/RFID Controller Shield can be used to read and write data to the EEPROM inside the tag. There is also a permanent 7-byte serial number ID burned into the chip that can be used to identify one tag from another.


  • NTAG203 NFC Forum Type 2 Tag Compliant IC
    • 144 bytes of user read/write memory area, divided into 36x pages (4 bytes each)
    • 7-Byte unique identifier burned into the chip
    • Operating frequency of 13.56MHz
  • Tag dimensions
    • 13.8 grams (0.48oz.)
    • Fits wrists/ankles/bionic hands up to 70mm (2.75") diameter
  • Up to 4" (typical) range


  • Smart advertisements
  • Connection handover
  • BLUETOOTH® simple pairing
  • WiFi protected set-up
  • Call requests
  • SMS
  • Goods and device authentication


Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2019-12-09 | Aktualisiert: 2023-06-23