3M Connectors Mini-Clamp Connectors

3M Mini-Clamp Connectors provide easy, labor-saving, and reliable IDC termination with no special wire preparation. The connectors are designed to provide connection reliability and cost performance in I/O applications commonly found in a wide range of sensor control systems, including factory automation and industrial controls. The connectors feature a semi-transparent cover, color-coded covers for proper wire usage, wire alignment, and retention built into the cover.


  • Thin and flexible design
  • Accepts multiple wire diameters 0.8mm to 2.0mm (.031" to .079")/ conductor sizes (20AWG to 26AWG / 0.14mm2 to 0.5mm2)
  • Integrated wire retention cover design to retain the wires while terminating to the IDC
  • Mating latches provide a reliable interconnection in demanding applications
  • Compact design saves board space
  • Up to 300 mating cycles
  • 3A current rating


  • Factory automation and industrial controls
  • Semiconductor / LCD manufacturing machines
  • Medical
  • Packaging systems
  • Conveyor systems
  • Motion test and measurement systems
  • Traffic light and control systems
  • Elevators / Lift systems
  • Elevator controls
  • LED lighting
  • Pressure sensors (Air, Water)
  • Base press control electronics
  • Food and packaging industries
  • Automotive and metal industries


  • 3, 4, or 8 position
  • Single row with 2.54mm spacing and 2mm pitch
  • Pin (male) or socket (female) contact gender options
  • Straight mounting angle
  • Electrical
    • 3.0A current rating
    • 32V voltage rating
    • 1000VRMS withstanding voltage at sea level
  • Temperature ratings
    • -20°C to +85°C ambient at 1.0A maximum
    • -20°C to +75°C ambient at 2.0A maximum
    • -20°C to +60°C ambient at 3.0A maximum
    • +260°C maximum SMT reflow
    • +390°C maximum for soldering irons
  • Mounting types
    • Cable mount/free hanging
    • PCB mount
    • Panel mount
  • Termination styles
    • IDC
    • Solder pin
  • Materials
    • Gold-plated copper alloy contacts
    • Plating
      • 2.54µm (100µ") minimum nickel underplating
      • 0.2µm (8µ") minimum gold wiping area with lubricant


3M Connectors Mini-Clamp Connectors
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